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Our goal is to provide boxing fans with high quality and entertaining boxing matches. Following the lead of
Let’s Get It On Promotions Founder, Mills Lane, we also seek to be good emissaries of the sport of boxing by giving consideration to the general success, health, and well being of our fighters. We work hard to maintain an honest relationship with our fighters, both professionally and personally.
We make every effort to help our fighters build their careers and lives both inside and outside of the ring.
Most importantly, we strive in all of our dealings to maintain the values of honesty, integrity, and quality in the sport of professional boxing.



Mills Lane is perhaps the only sports official in the history of sports whos fame has eclipsed many of the participating athletes. Although Mills never sought the limelight, his thirty-three years as the best referee in boxing and his integrity and straightforward approach eventually led to worldwide respect and fame. Today he is looked upon as one of the bright lights in the often tumultuous history of boxing. And, although Mills has received countless awards, including being named to Esquire Magazines 100 Best People in the World, Mills proudest achievement is knowing that he always did his part to uphold boxings integrity.


Mills Lane was born on November 12th, 1937 in Savannah, GA, and spent is formative years on his familys farm in South Carolina. He entered the United States Marine Corps in 1956, where he discovered his passion and love for the sport of boxing. After an honorable discharge, he attended the University of Nevada, Reno, because it had a college boxing program. Mills applied his trademark tenacity to boxing at the University, and became the NCAA welterweight champ in 1960. Mills also competed in the Olympic Trials later that year. Although he made an outstanding showing at the trials, he was eliminated in the final round by the eventual gold medal winner. Thereafter, Mills graduated from college and fought professionally as a welterweight. He finished his professional career with a 10-1 record.


 After retiring from the ring as a fighter, Mills sought a way to stay involved in boxing. He decided that becoming a referee was a good way to stay connected to the sport. It was a decision that would change the sport of boxing and Mills life forever. Mills dedication, charisma, and professionalism made him an instant favorite with fighters and fans alike, and it was only a matter of time until he was regularly chosen to referee some of the biggest fights in boxing history. His command of the ring combined with his experience as a fighter helped Lane become one of the all-time best.


In the late 1970s, Mills coined his trademark phrase Lets Get It On! Mills opened every fight that he refereed with that phrase, and it became a favorite of the fans. Mills significant contributions to the sport of boxing earned him a spot in the World Boxing Hall Of Fame in 1991.


Outside of boxing, Mills became a legend in the courts. After his boxing career was over, Mills enrolled at the University of Utah law school and earned the degree of Juris Doctor. He returned to Reno and became a district attorney. Working his way up the ranks, he eventually served two terms as Washoe County District Attorney. He then served two terms as a Washoe County District Court Judge, and is one of the most respected jurists in the State of Nevadas history. In 1998, Mills popularity led to him becoming the star of his own nationally-syndicated network television show, the Judge Mills Lane Show. Although now retired from the practice of law, Mills is still one of the most highly respected members of the legal profession in Nevada. Because of his service and contributions to his community, the new courthouse in Reno, Nevada, was named in Mills honor in 2006: The Mills B. Lane Justice Center.


In 2000, Mills formed Lets Get It On Promotions. Still wanting to be involved in boxing, he viewed this as an opportunity to better the sport and give fighters an honest opportunity to prosper from their efforts. Along with friend Tony Holden, Mills built the Lets Get It On Promotions into a nationally recognized company. However, Mills involvement in boxing promotions was cut short in April of 2002, when he suffered a stroke at his home in Reno. Mills has since undergone extensive therapy and even traveled to the Ukraine to undergo experimental stem-cell therapy. Still, some of the effects of the stroke are permanent. Nevertheless, Mills continues to lead an active life and continues to fight with his trademark tenacity.


Mills Lane is more than just a beloved figure in the sport of boxing he is an American Icon. But if you ask Mills what he is most proud of, he will tell you that he is most proud of the fact that his work as a referee, attorney, judge, and advocate of the less fortunate, has had a positive impact on so many lives.


Mills Lanes two sons, Terrance and Thomas, grew up around the sport of boxing. Some of the brothers earliest memories are of attending the professional fights their father was officiating, i.e., many of the biggest fights in modern history.


Terrance Mills Lane holds a communications and media degree from the New School University (New York City). With a strong background in media, entertainment, and the business of professional boxing, Terrys knowledge and his passion for the sport make him a unique asset to Lets Get It On Promotions.

Thomas Harris Lane is the youngest licensed boxing promoter in the history of the sport. Tommy graduated from Hofstra University. His love for boxing, combined with a passion for business creates a perfect fit for the boxing industry.

In early 2005, Mills and his two sons, Terry and Tommy, decided to re-enter the boxing business with Lets Get It On Promotions. 

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